Lelis Brick & Pool

Enjoy your outdoor space even more!!!

  • Create mood lighting. Change up your space but adding some lights! Many outdoor lighting ideas don’t require hard-wiring – consider outdoor string lights wound around tree trunks or wrapped around a pergola, decorative lanterns with LED candles, or battery-powered LED garden torches.
  • Plan a place to land. Fun outdoor seating instantly transforms any patio or deck into an outdoor oasis. Keep your guests relaxing with alternative seating like hammocks, zero-gravity chairs and swings strategically placed in your backyard.
  • Create a drive-in for outdoor movies. Remember watching movies at the drive-in theater? Bring back memories when you host your own backyard movie night! Rent or borrow a video projector, hook it up to a good sound system, turn a white bedsheet into a screen and you’re open for business.
  • Get some backyard games. Everyone likes GAMES! You can’t go wrong with yard games like bocce, can jam and horseshoes. If you want to take backyard games to a whole new level, try large-scale versions of classics like Twister, Jenga, Connect 4, chess, checkers, beer pong and more. If you don’t want to invest in your own life-size game, check with your local party rental company to see if they offer giant game rentals.