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Are you looking to upgrade to your home? Hardscaping is a great way to not only enhance your current quality of life, but also add resale value and curb appeal to your home.

While a beautiful garden is nice to look at, having a low-maintenance outdoor space can be far more appealing to some homeowners. Hardscapes consist of removing sod and creating a more structured and easy to take care of surface. Whether you create a path, full patio or retaining walls, these hard surfaces take the work out of backyard maintenance. Hardscaping can create an easy livable environment outside; from outdoor kitchens, patios, and fire pits, the options are endless.


Lelis Brick creates patios on a regular basis. A patio can add living space to your backyard, which in turn creates into a higher resale value. The best part is we can help you create a patio of virtually any size and shape to add an element of design to your home.


Add a sophisticated look  to your home with a walkway that leads to your front door or your backyard. A pathway is not only practical and useful it can give your outdoor space a manicured look.

Fire Pit

Who doesn’t love a fire pit? This type of hardscaping is one of the most popular and appealing to potential buyers. There are so many different styles these days, it’s not hard to choose one that complements your landscaping.

Retaining Wall

A retaining wall can not only help keep dirt and landscaping from sliding downward, but it can also prevent soil erosion and protect your home’s foundation. Retaining walls are structurally useful and they can also be decorative. Easily turn your retaining wall into a flower bed or even add steps to increase its appeal and add more home resale value.

Hardscaping Tips

1. Combine Interior and Exterior Design: Your outdoor space should compliment your indoor space. The key is to have the design flow from the interior of the house and add an addition to the interior design. An easy approach is to examine the view from the inside of your house and create an extension to the outside.

2. Outdoor Rooms: There are so many ways to achieve this you can create an out door “room” you can start with a physical wall. The wall in addition to hard surfaces underfoot can enhance this effect.

3. Material Investment: Hardscaping materials may be expensive, however it’s important that the project is well built. The lifetime of the hardscaping project will bring value to your home as well as pleasure to your outdoor space.

Outdoor hardscape projects can add resale value to a home as well as bring extra pleasure to homeowners while they live in the home. This is according to a National Association of Realtors and National Association of Landscape Professionals report.

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