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The summer weather may be a bit temperamental, but it’s worth braving for a backyard shindig—and that’s true even if you’re gathering with just your immediate family.  Combine tasty drinks, delicious food, outdoor games, and a select number of guests lounging about soaking in the long-awaited sun. Everyone loves an outdoor party, so we gathered the best tips on throwing a great backyard bash now and all summer long.

The Table – Tablescape!

When it comes to decor, a beautiful spread of colorful & delicious food combined with  an outdoor backdrop is often all you need. The food can be a part of the decoration, sitting on top of a white tablecloth! If you want to spruce it up a bit, perhaps add some flowers, but make sure they’re  up to stand up against the heat and wind, try garden spray roses, dahlias or anything tropical. Add pebbles to the bottom of the vases so they don’t get blown, or go for potted plants! Keep in mind of the wind and be sure that any décor is weighted down, and it’s best not to use paper goods unless they’re firm and heavy.


Want to set the mood for your summer night gathering? Lighting is a simple way to set the mood of your summer party. Hang outdoor string lights and light lots of candles to create a soft and relaxing vibe for your party.
Need help making candles stay lit outdoors? Try placing them in larger bowls filled with himalayan sea salt. The tall sides of the vessel offer protection for the candle and they should stay lit even in windy conditions.

Fire Pit

Who doesn’t love a fire pit? This type of hardscaping is one of the most popular and appealing to potential buyers. There are so many different styles these days, it’s not hard to choose one that complements your landscaping.

Seasonal Menu

Take inspiration from the season. It’s always nice to start the party off with a drink muddled with a summer fruit. Summer craft beers will also be wildly popular too! When it comes to food, shopping
seasonally and locally is ideal. When the ingredients are fresh and seasonal,
you just want to let them shine. Stop by your local farmers market and ask the vendors what’s good and how they like to
prepare things.